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The TexBoost - less Commodities more Specialties mobilizing project is a structuring project of the Textile Cluster: Technology and Fashion, which aims to include a set of R&D initiatives with a strong collective character and high inductor and demonstrator effect, with the central involvement of companies of the textile and clothing sector, but also of other complementary sectors of the economy.

The TexBoost development consortium, led by RIOPELE and under the technical coordination of CITEVE, involves a total of 43 entities, of which 23 are industrial companies of the entire textile industry and 15 are Non-corporate Entities of the Research & Innovation System.

TexBoost represents a total investment of 9,229,676.60 euros, corresponding to a financing rate of 68.96% by the Compete 2020 program, and is organized into 6 PPS - Products, Processes and Services (one of which is management, dissemination and exploitation of results), built on 50 activities, resulting in 17 new innovative solutions in different areas.

Started on July 1st, 2017 and scheduled to end on June 30rd, 2020, the project has the following main activities:

to develop a new generation of textile solutions, where their degree of innovation is radical compared to existing products, including the generation of new scientific knowledge;
to develop highly innovative products and processes using emerging and cutting-edge technologies that will allow new experiences for consumers and companies participating in each PPS;
facilitate access by the companies involved to new markets / business areas or reinforcement of current markets / business areas, both nationally and internationally.

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The HYDROMASK project – consists on the development of a mask with saturation warning signals. It’s a project resulting from supporting measures of the state to help the economy in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, which the objective is developing a facial PPE that allows the user to identify visually the mask saturation and possible impairment of its efficiency, thus contributing to the active fight against spreading the virus in the community.

It’s a Co-Promotion project, whose consortium is composed of two entities - OLDTRADING (business entity) and CeNTI (entity in the D&I system) - whose values ​​are complementary in order to take advantage of the skills of both, regarding the development of new solutions characterized by innovation. OLDTRADING, the leading promoter of this project, with an extensive knowledge of the production of seamless textile structures and CeNTI, contributing with its proven know-how in the processing of textile fibers, as well as in surface coatings.

The project consists of a consortium between Oldtrading, the promoter company, and CeNTI, with a total investment of 144 252.26 euros and is co-financed by Portugal 2020, under the Northern Regional Operational Program (North 2020) and the European Regional Development Fund with a global support of 115,401.81 euros.

It started on July 1, 2020 and is programmed to end on December 31, 2020, the aim is to obtain an innovative face protection mask with added warning signals properties, which will contribute to greater effectiveness in terms of community safety, reinforcing the fight against COVID-19.

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MasProCov - Protection Masks against COVID-19 

Project Code | NORTE-02-08B9-FEDER-048509 
Main Goal  OT 3 - Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs 
Intervention Region | NORTH 
Beneficiary Entity | OLDTRADING, LDA 

Approval Date | 09-09-2020 
Start Date | 10-09-2020 
Conclusion Date | 09-03-2021 
Total Eligible Cost | 342.760,0 EUR 
Financial Support from European Union | FEDER – 274.208,0 EUR 

Implementation of a new production line of level 2 and level 3 community protection masks to support the fight against COVID-19.





be@t - Bioeconomy at Textiles




Technological Centre for Textile and Clothing of Portugal – CITEVE



The be@t project has as its overall objective the generation and consolidation of a truly innovative, sustainable and circular National Textile and Clothing Industry. Specifically, it aims to:

·  Develop new textile products and materials that are traceable, of biological origin, renewable (including forest-derived materials, agro-industrial waste and alternative natural fibers) and with improved environmental credentials, without affecting their performance levels.

·  Develop advanced and sustainable production and finishing technologies and processes.

·  Explore innovative eco-design and eco-engineering approaches to ensure the circularity of all textile products generated in this structuring project

·  Promote the use/reuse, collection and recycling of textiles, economic business models and strategic partnerships, as well as effective regional policies, to implement circular, sustainable and cost-effective textile value chains.

·  Contribute to a culture of sustainability and responsible consumption by informing and involving consumers, textile chain actors, brands and other relevant stakeholders

·  Contribute to the generation and consolidation of a truly innovative, sustainable and circular National Textil and Clothing Industry.


4 Pillars:



55 partners with complementary skills:

14 Non-SME Companies (Corresponding to 26% of the consortium)

17 SME Companies (Corresponding to 30% of the consortium)

21 ENESII (Corresponding to 39% of the consortium)

3 Others (6%)


Total project investment:


Total project funding:


Start date: 1st of july 2022           End date: 31st of december 2025




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